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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Middle of the night, freezing my fingers off and looking for my blogger blog..

I'm starting my New Years resolutions early. My first one is to write every day. I've chosen to do that on my Blogger Blog. Now ... where did I put that?

I remember the first time I posted on Blogger. It was because my High School friend Tena wrote and told me she had some new pictures up. I clicked her link. After I looked, Blogger invited me to post a comment. Before I knew it I was making money! If my daily posts can make me money, *I'M IN!*

The trouble is, I'm no good at remembering my sign in information. I've written it down several places. I sign in. I locate my dashboard. I go to post something and Blogger asks me to create a new blog. eh? What was that you said? That's ok, I'm creative. I'll just have to create a new name for each blog I guess.

Heck, I never knew that blogging was such work! ;)

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  1. Still freezing my bumm off in Western Washington